Our contribution

Given the enormity of the challenge we are up against, our contribution is admittedly modest. We are like a puny lifeboat in a turbulent ocean. But we believe we give those who put their trust in us, a fighting chance. Here’s why:

We believe Dyboshil Liquid is:

A unique formula

Prepared using a combination of different parts – roots, shoots, leaves and fruits – of handpicked herbs, known in traditional Ayurvedic practice to possess multiple health benefits. The one proven property shared by all the ingredients in this formula, is that of regulating blood sugar levels. It is therefore primarily recommended for persons suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

  • Jamun Pulp

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  • Neem Patra

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  • Gulvel Kund

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  • Triphala

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  • Shilajit

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A preventive formula

The formula is considered particularly effective in treating pre-diabetics, also known as borderline diabetics. This includes people who exhibit a tendency to suffer from higher than usual levels of – and occasional surges in – blood glucose levels but have not yet been diagnosed with full-blown diabetes. People considered at high risk, due to genetic or lifestyle-related factors, or both. Dyboshil has been known to prevent to some extent, or at least to delay to a great degree, the onset of full-blown diabetes amongst this group of high-risk individuals.

A win-win formula

Dyboshil is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that adheres to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Made with organically sourced and entirely natural ingredients, it displays no adverse side effects whatsoever. However, given the versatility of its ingredients of its does exhibit several positive side effects that both complement and supplement its effect on diabetes – for instance enhanced cardiac health, improve digestive health, anti-ageing, anti-obesity and blood purification properties among many others.